Chelle Service Capital Inc pursues efficiency and innovation across many fields through the creation of products or the implementation of new procedures. Founded in 2014, Chelle Service Capital has employed a range of experts in many fields. These fields include but are not limited to blockchain infrastructure, communication, finance, real estate, app development, economic, transportation, and actuarial experts as core team members over the years to pursue its many programs and products. Over the years, Chelle has been able to partner with other teams and businesses across many fields of business and expects to continue this expansive and global vision as the company continues to grow. At Chelle, we believe the best idea is the next idea!


Network Management
  • IT Consulting - Professional Services
  • Managed onsite / offsite backup
  • Email / Spam / Anti-Virus Protection
  • Business Continuity Planning: Disaster recovery plannning, prevention, and protection

  • Blockchain Ecosystem Solutions
  • Smart Contract Assistance
  • Mathematical System Solutions
  • Security, Flow-Bases Deep Generative Models, Residual Payment Models

  • Security Services
  • Managed Services for Risk and Compliance
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Strategic Consulting and Security Assessments



    A mobile investment app with integrated smart contracts for secure property investment. AQRE offers monthly payouts in digital currencies with convertible cash options, with a scalable user marketplace to trade, buy, and sell property allocations. AQRE is a four quadrant investment return model that increases and enhances user up-side.

    Chelle Coin

    A digital currency built on the Ethereum network. Chelle Coin is a duel functioning investment token and a convertable allocation token. Chelle Coin was created as a unique utility that makes it the initial onboarding mechanism for the AQRE app with a scaled price improvement model through deflationary utility.

    Driva App

    Driva is a ridesharing mobile app to service the Caribbean. It a features Real-Time location tracking system, emergency services dial option, pre-booking options, and much more. Development is currently ongoing.

    Legacy App

    An integrated customer tool for the chain of legacy barbershops. Development is currently ongoing.